CTZN.network Schemas Video Devlog

Video Dev Log

CTZN's development is livestreamed on YouTube by Paul Frazee. This page provides an archive of those livestreams, with links matching commits to ctzn and ctznry to the video timestamps.

Thursday 2021-05-06

Avoid updating the notifications view if it's not active ctznry · 76cc5a2
Turn off the Inbox experiment for now ctznry · 58f1326

Wednesday 2021-05-05

Add a small dotted dividing line between post text and extended text ctznry · 663696f
Fixes to ctzn-community-members-list ctznry · 494fb28
More improvements to media gallery popup ctznry · d420bd6

Tuesday 2021-05-04

Image modal now acts as a swipable/navable gallery ctznry · 941aab0
Improve spacing of comment controls ctznry · 1fa948f
Fix case where search can lose its highlight ctznry · 0fece0e
Improve notification unread-state clearing ctznry · 1a38ca7
Fix page load timing issue ctznry · 27fc5b4
Update reactions tool for usability and clarity ctznry · 49f1c46
Fix initial loads ctznry · 8c4a568
Place context-menus within parents so that they scroll with the page ctznry · b7a867e
Fixes to how data is loaded on page-nav, and fix notification loading & count-clearing ctznry · 9dcc4f5
Fix stupid bug in thread scroll-into-view ctznry · 4b419da
A few more attempts to improve scroll positioning behavior ctznry · dffa566
Fix import path ctznry · 1f14f89
Fix thread-view scroll highlighted into view ctznry · dc525c4

Monday 2021-05-03

More fixes to gestures and subnav ctznry · 28644c5
Scroll to top on when navigating to home and notifications ctznry · ba4b041
Small improvements to subnav gesture behavior ctznry · ecfa7d9
Fixes & improvements to pull-to-refresh ctznry · ca4f1be
Apply the DOM caching to the notifications view ctznry · f7fe152
Consider 'check latest' to be a feed update ctznry · 64be22b
Keep the home and last-viewed-user in the DOM for better back-to-feed perf ctznry · 21adedf

Friday 2021-04-30

Thursday 2021-04-29

Wednesday 2021-04-28

Improve profile-view scroll targeting and right column space usage ctznry · a7dddb9
0.34.6 ctzn · c347b5d
Add HTTP calls to the debug logger ctzn · 7249ea1
0.34.5 ctzn · 3112dfc
Debounce database load/unload logic to avoid slamming the DB ctzn · 423a15a
0.34.4 ctzn · 76128f2
Update rate limiting to include HTTP and fall back to IP instead of socket_id ctzn · ea18c6b
Mobile and responsive updates ctznry · a0a7f97

Tuesday 2021-04-27

Monday 2021-04-26

Sunday 2021-04-25

Slightly more borders to help with stream readability ctznry · 8fc0e44

Friday 2021-04-23

0.32.3 ctzn · 360a2ff
Fix case where errors fail to propagate in streams ctzn · f166f86
Clean up the desktop shell ctznry · f528074
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:pfrazee/ctznry ctznry · 87b72f3
Switch from lit-element to the new lit ctznry · 33f0011

Thursday 2021-04-22

Wednesday 2021-04-21

Tuesday 2021-04-20

Monday 2021-04-19

Merge pull request #19 from hamnox/fix-bad-follow-check ctznry · ad988a4

Saturday 2021-04-17

fix profile follow switch ctznry · d539a2f

Friday 2021-04-16

Thursday 2021-04-15

Wednesday 2021-04-14

Add followers-list and following-list to rich editor ctznry · f6a5b04
Add community-memberships-list to rich editor ctznry · f4daa4e
Add community-members-list to rich editor ctznry · 84685cb
Add comments-feed com to rich editor ctznry · 1f7ef0d
Fix post-composer ctznry · 8d62251
Update edit-profile to use rich editor; add posts-feed to rich editor ctznry · 8de33c0

Tuesday 2021-04-13

Merge pull request #16 from FreddieGilbraith/master ctznry · ec87c26
added meta tags for ios PWA ctznry · 391fd68

Monday 2021-04-12

Saturday 2021-04-10

fixup! add ctzn-comments-feed ctznry · 1f3bef4
add ctzn-comments-feed ctznry · 95f443c
add comment-view element ctznry · 004d433

Friday 2021-04-09

Add 'pre > code' selector for rendering code blocks ctznry · 8c5c592
Add ctzn-code custom element ctznry · e8bf0ef

Thursday 2021-04-08

fix items list & remove limit ctznry · 1bcf0bd

Wednesday 2021-04-07

Merge pull request #10 from caspiano/add-apple-icon ctznry · e717cc9
Add apple-touch-icon ctznry · 0c0db09

Monday 2021-04-05

Friday 2021-04-02

Thursday 2021-04-01

Wednesday 2021-03-31

Fix overflow issue in activity feed ctznry · ad5e070
Tweaks to header menu ctznry · 98edba7
Merge pull request #8 from FreddieGilbraith/patch-1 ctznry · a705d3a
Make toast full width on thiner devices ctznry · 8a90dfe
Optimize page loads by reducing the feeds' initial load counts ctznry · 4c89bde
Disable the service worker for now ctznry · bef8a11
Add image lazy-loading ctznry · f285aad
Rework header menus to include more controls ctznry · 4d4031e
Show what item-transfers are for in the activity feed and popup ctznry · d4f7065

Tuesday 2021-03-30

Monday 2021-03-29

Merge pull request #6 from hamnox/woop ctznry · ba24bfd
Merge pull request #46 from requiredtruth/patch-1 ctzn · 15463b2

Sunday 2021-03-28

Fix some overflow issues ctznry · 9da4731
Recenter content, add 2col mode to main, add suggestions, add secondary-menu ctznry · 760970a
Visual improvement to post highlighting ctznry · 5899a7c
Visual and usability improvements to notifications ctznry · dcfebce

Saturday 2021-03-27

Rework desktop layout to be much denser ctznry · 9703a08
Visual improvements to desktop view of profiles; also fix img fallback bug ctznry · a693484
Improve aesthetics of inputs on mobile ctznry · 6f15936
Dont override click behaviors inside posts ctznry · 8b3c3c5
Fix post clicking on margins in feed ctznry · e568d8d
Add clarity to 'post to' explanation in post composer ctznry · 223fbf6
Improve mock composer on home ctznry · 18a9761

Friday 2021-03-26

Update setting-up-a-server.md ctzn · b63465d
fix follow lookup ctznry · 8e600a3

Thursday 2021-03-25

Wednesday 2021-03-24

Tuesday 2021-03-23

Monday 2021-03-22

Friday 2021-03-19

Thursday 2021-03-18

Wednesday 2021-03-17

Tuesday 2021-03-16

Monday 2021-03-15

Friday 2021-03-12

Thursday 2021-03-11

Wednesday 2021-03-10

Tuesday 2021-03-09

Monday 2021-03-08

Sunday 2021-03-07

Implement PWA installation and offline caching ctznry · cbd10b6

Friday 2021-03-05

Thursday 2021-03-04

Include <br>s in html emails ctzn · a706dc1
0.15.1 ctzn · 330f408
Add smtp config to TUI ctzn · 441d261

Wednesday 2021-03-03

Merge pull request #36 from martinheidegger/patch-1 ctzn · 450eda0
More information for creating a PTR Setup ctzn · 96477bf

Tuesday 2021-03-02

Monday 2021-03-01

Saturday 2021-02-27

Remove debug suggested communities ctznry · 2abc42d
Include pink colors in purge safelist, not being picked up automatically ctznry · 9540e85

Friday 2021-02-26

Expect nullability consistently ctzn · a3bf422

Thursday 2021-02-25

Wednesday 2021-02-24

Tuesday 2021-02-23

Monday 2021-02-22

Sunday 2021-02-21

UI tweaks ctznry · 13e8a3d
Major rework: posts now have extended text and reply-posts are now comments ctznry · 94e3c72
0.9.0 ctzn · eb9de6e
Fixes to URL construction ctzn · 31ebb34
Remove replies from posts, readd comments as a separate record schema ctzn · 1d3b40e
Add 'extendedText' field to posts ctzn · f5f0559

Saturday 2021-02-20

Remove additionalProperties: false constraint (close #9) ctzn · 920553f
0.8.0 ctzn · b86a1d4
Disable votes ctznry · 412c62b
Add empty messages to simple-user-list ctznry · b3bfdba
Switch to simple-user-list for followers/following ctznry · 00db6d5
Remove follow metrics ctznry · e80ca78
Add community-member banning UI ctznry · b89ee47
Add bans HTTP endpoint ctzn · b8b1e56

Friday 2021-02-19

Small UI fixes ctznry · 3d63829
Implement community role and role-assignment UI ctznry · ed53935
Split community api assignRoles into assignRole and unassignRole ctzn · 01db14f
Add community roles view and community edit-profile tool ctznry · 1f51992
Add community roles HTTP endpoint and tweak community API names ctzn · f61777f
Implement community roles, permissions, banning, and post-removal ctzn · d33baaa
Add some pad to the mobile bottom nav ctznry · 9a22472
Reduce post information density to work better on mobile ctznry · c81829e

Thursday 2021-02-18

Disable zoom on mobile ctznry · 4b9df18
Small CSS fixes, also call it CTZN not CTZNRY ctznry · a07032a
Switch URL regex to be compat with safari ctznry · 2a1c435
First pass on mobile styles ctznry · 5b914dd
Change composer to select post destination on post rather than optionally ctznry · 674dd48
Clear composer after post ctznry · 9c0baaa
Add some responsive breakpoints ctznry · cc209ba
Improvements to sizing and spacing ctznry · 74b1d25
Big UI rework ctznry · b6db45d

Wednesday 2021-02-17

0.7.1 ctzn · 9cf6a3d
Fix some references ctzn · 3cb58b4
0.7.0 ctzn · 6bb4f92
Add issue-tracker-and-resolution system ctzn · 5aa412d
0.6.5 ctzn · 0a2a36d
Various TUI improvements ctzn · b25b928
0.6.4 ctzn · d2783a5
Fix coersion issue ctzn · d8df75a
0.6.3 ctzn · b9b10ae
Show home first ctzn · cf41a68
0.6.2 ctzn · 62e5102
Improvements to hyperspace TUI ctzn · 9842b93
0.6.1 ctzn · 6b8cb05
Fix default hyperspace storage dir ctzn · 27093f1
0.6.0 ctzn · 5e95fb6
Implement Hyperspace TUI ctzn · 14824b9
Fix various config bugs ctzn · 4586081

Tuesday 2021-02-16

Add loopback WS authentication ctzn · f9ac4ad
Improve log behaviors ctzn · 0b2055a
Remove leftover debugMode: true ctzn · 064ef13
Integrate config tooling into server exec ctzn · 67848c2
Add initial TUI for managing the server ctzn · 7c037d9

Monday 2021-02-15

Readme tweaks ctzn · 6554849
Add patreon contributors ctzn · e9bdff1

Saturday 2021-02-13

Friday 2021-02-12

Thursday 2021-02-11

fix user setup in tests ctzn · a3b6e4b

Wednesday 2021-02-10

0.1.4 ctzn · 6b0ec82
Fix bug with websocket server setup ctzn · 973757d

Tuesday 2021-02-09

Monday 2021-02-08

Friday 2021-02-05

Wednesday 2021-02-03

Tuesday 2021-02-02

Monday 2021-02-01

Friday 2021-01-29

Thursday 2021-01-28

Wednesday 2021-01-27

Tuesday 2021-01-26

Update readme with lengthy design description ctzn · cabf143

Monday 2021-01-25

Friday 2021-01-22

Thursday 2021-01-21

Wednesday 2021-01-20

Monday 2021-01-18

Sunday 2021-01-17

Saturday 2021-01-16

Add readme ctzn · c6f1834

Friday 2021-01-15